Oekraïne Referendum: Breaking! Putin is paying GeenPeil!

    That was just scaring! Suddenly our fax machine in the bunker was rattle like mad. Out came a open letter from the President of Business Club Kyiv-The Netherlands, Hans Ramaekers.

    We were very happy that we have received this letter that he also faxed to Facebook. In this letter he claims that The Dutch referendum is aimed to help Russia discredit Ukraine and convince people in Europe not to support it. He puts this allegations apart claiming the following points:

    “Geen Peil, Geen Stijl absolutely does not know what they are talking about, but the referendum will take place.”

    Well, let’s start by saying we told you so!, and not only by this referendum, but in total! But that is another biscuit. Back to the subject, Hans will defend this stand-point on the dutch television to take the wind from the sails of Geenpeil he is telling us.

    “This agreement is of significant value and creates a win win situation for all of us.”
    “Strange Coincidences:
    How was it possible that Geen Peil, Geen Stijl got that far to force referendum. (Rumours are that Russia financed this operation) Articles about this in Dutch Newspapers.
    MH-17 (shot down by Russians). Still discussions about it, who did it where are radar images.
    Paintings robbed in Dutch Westfries Museum 10 years ago suddenly appear in Ukraine.”

    Well there comes the monkey out of the sleeve! It was the Russians all along. And we but thinking GeenStijl just wanted to put the finger on the pain spot, that we now have the opportunity to hold a referendum!

    All above points are just political attacks against Ukraine by Russia to discredit Ukraine and convince people in Europe not to support Ukraine.”

    So in other words. Putin wants to use the Ukraine as a play ball to bully Europe. And that is not very handy or profitable if you are the President of Business Club Kyiv-The Netherlands. Because of course he has the best in front with the Ukraine. We conclude with an interview that Hans Ramaekers gave to the Ukrainian television explaining all about why we, as Netherlands, must vote YES! Amongst others, he tells us that the Netherlands is against anti bribery.

    Weer een referendumpots? Ja duh, daar krijgen we voor betaald zijn we vóór. Jullie dus als het goed is ook. Zo potsen wij alle referendum posts hier. Ook zijn wij van Retecool ook superbehulpzaam. Zo weten wij wat je moet doen als je opeens in een hippe koffietent staat. Wij vinden het sowieso heel leuk als u ons leuk vindt op Facebook.
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    23/02/2016 - 17:32 17:32

    ‘My will is wet!’, said Winnifred, and flickered her husband into bed.

    /offtopic John O’Milletje

    Ds. Ploppo
    24/02/2016 - 12:10 12:10

    Pfff… Putin always gets his sin…

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