Now that we have introduced the recommended popularity ranking of rechargeable e-cigarettes, we will continue with the recommended popularity ranking of 9 disposable vapes. Compared to rechargeable e-cigarettes, disposable e-cigarettes do not require maintenance or recharging, and have the advantage of being easy to use. However, since they cannot be used repeatedly, their cost performance is poor, but they are recommended for those who want to try out e-cigarettes for the time being. XYLISHOT XYLISHOT is an unusual e-cigarette that contains xylitol in its flavor liquid. While enjoying the vapor from the e-cigarette, you can prevent tooth decay and the progression of tooth decay, so you can enjoy the pleasant effects of the flavors in addition to enjoying the taste. The flavors in the lineup are basically refreshing and cool, and are recommended for those who want to enjoy a fresh taste. The xylitol shot is an e-cigarette with a refreshing flavor that contains xylitol, making it ideal for those who normally enjoy menthol cigarettes. There are only a few convenience stores that carry Kili-Shot, but there is information that it was available at some 7-Eleven stores, so you may be able to purchase it at some 7-Eleven stores that carry many tobacco products. The cosmetic aspect will be worse since it is a disposable e-cigarette, but if you would like to try it out, please give it a try. HoneySmoke HoneySmoke" is an e-cigarette with a strong and rich flavor that is hard to believe that it is a disposable e-cigarette. The number of times it can be smoked is approximately 500 times. The reason for its popularity is its high cost performance, but it is also supported by young people because of its overwhelmingly stylish design compared to other e-cigarettes. The flavor is rich, but the overall feel of the smoke is light, so it does not have the kick of a paper cigarette. Honey Smoke can be purchased at 7-Eleven convenience stores, but it is also available at drugstores nationwide, making it a comparatively easy-to-obtain e-cigarette. In addition, many young people carry them as a fashionable item because of their stylish appearance and wide variety of flavors, so they never get bored of using them. Try the Honey Smoke for those who want to refresh and refresh themselves with a rich flavor by simply removing the cap and inhaling. Ecigator Licky 600 Ecigator Licky 600 is a disposable e-cigarette from the SmoothV!P TRYME series, which was introduced in the rechargeable e-cigarette category. In the past, this e-cigarette was so popular that a limited edition design in collaboration with the popular manga "Fist of the North Star" was also sold, but it is currently not available for purchase on the official website. However, sales have not ended, and those who wish to purchase Smooth Bip Trimmy Plus can easily buy it at convenience stores. Smooth Bip Trimmy Plus disposable e-cigarettes are commonly found at Family Mart among convenience stores. It is also sold in some Ministop stores, but if you cannot find it, look for Family Mart. Just note that the convenience stores do not sell the limited edition device in collaboration with Fist of the North Star. Although the number of flavors is small, they are also inexpensive e-cigarettes, so you can buy them as a substitute when the e-cigarette you normally smoke runs out. KAMIMAZE KAMIMAZE is a collaboration between Smooth Vip and KAMIKAZE. If you like vaping, you probably know KAMIKAZE, a long-established e-cigarette liquid manufacturer, and now you can enjoy KAMIKAZE in a casual disposable form. The release will be announced via official Twitter, etc., and is currently not available on mail order sites. Please be aware that the product is being released first at convenience stores. Kamikaze disposable e-cigarettes are only available for pre-sale at Family Mart among convenience stores, and are not yet available at other convenience stores. There are a total of four flavors, including Super Hard Menthol, which is popular for its strong menthol refreshment, from the domestic liquid manufacturer KAMIKAZE E-JUICE. It has a fairly large capacity of approximately 600 inhalations, so those who have been curious about kamikaze but find it difficult to get their hands on the liquid can easily try it. PUFFTHY PUFFTHY, which comes in at No. 5 in our e-cigarette recommendation ranking, is an e-cigarette that is made by China disposable vape manufacturer especially popular among women because of its cute appearance. In addition to its appearance, the flavored liquid contains beauty ingredients such as vitamins and collagen, making it an e-cigarette targeted at women. In addition, the e-cigarette has a stronger flavor than other e-cigarettes, and since the number of puffs can be selected from 500 puffs and 700 puffs, it is recommended to choose the 700 puffs if you value cost-effectiveness. PuffSea does not have an official website, so the prices are those listed on the Rakuten market. It would be a difficult e-cigarette to find, as it is rarely seen in convenience stores, although there is information that they carry them. There are only four flavors available, but the design of the body is different for each flavor, and by changing flavors, you can enjoy the design together.




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