Funk is the absence of any and everything you can think of, but the very essence of all that is.

And saying that, I’m saying funk is anything that we create in our minds that we want to do, what we want to be, but we don’t have the resources.

Usually when I’m out doing stuff, I’m just out in the wild, doing the wild thing. I don’t really get a chance to just chill out until I come here, in my creative space.

I’ve thought maybe of getting younger artists out doing stuff, like I used to do a lot of. I don’t wanna do it day in and day out like I used to, but I still wanna do it.

I used to draw stickmen with star glasses when I was at school. I didn’t realise that would end up being me! The whole idea was that the glasses had mirrors, and if a youngster looked at me, they’d see themselves. Everybody is a star.

Bootsy Collins

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“If you will suck my soul, I will lick your funky emotions”