Vorige maand vond Audigraft plaats, het jaarlijkse festival voor Contemporary Experimental Music in Oxford. Daar kon u bovenstaande “automata” genaamd Play House zien en horen, een creatie van Alex Allmont. Het ding “mechanically computes and performs hooky and hypnotic acid house. Like a generative musical loom, a single drive turns a sequence of LEGO gears, levers and latches that mutate riffs and rhythm patterns. These are played out on analogue drums and synthesisers from the halcyon days of 1980’s dance music while the machine gradually shifts the timbre and space of the sound. In the piece the process of creation is laid bare so one can indulge in picking apart the interactions driving the score, seeing sound as it changes in sculpture, exploring our expectations in music, or simply rocking out to some fruity acid.”

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